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Return information


If something does not fit, you can return the product to us within 14 days. In case of a return, we will refund the money back to your account. The buyer is responsible for return shipping costs, which will not be refunded.


Return address


Euraneg GmbH

Egelsee 25,
93354 Siegenburg



Revocation rights


You have the right to cancel this contract within fourteen days without any reason. The withdrawal period is fourteen days from the day on, which you or a third party named by you, who is not the proponent, have taken possession of the last goods.


To exercise your right of withdrawal, you must inform us (Euraneg GmbH, Egelsee 25, 93354 Siegenburg, of your decision to withdraw from this contract using a clear declaration (e.g. a letter or e-mail sent by post). You will receive a confirmation of receipt (by email, for example) of such revocation if you choose this option. To comply with the revocation period, it is sufficient that you send the notification of the exercise of the right of revocation before the expiry of the revocation period.

The complaint procedure for SD4005 and SD4010


Please complete the following steps before returning the donor to us:

1. Replacement of the roller pump – no matter how old/young the dispenser/pump is. The original packaging always includes a replacement pump (2nd pump) free of charge.

2. Reset the dispenser by pressing the round and square buttons simultaneously.

3. Replacing the batteries

All points are described in detail in the operating instructions or can be seen as explanatory videos on our website. If you no longer have the manual instructions, you can download them from our website. There you will find further donor-specific tips for troubleshooting in a separate chapter.

Description and Troubleshooting for SD4005 and SD4010

Displayed error

Possible cause


LED flashes alternately red and blue

1. Accidentally (when inserting the batteries) pressed the square and round buttons.
2. Electronics defective

1. Perform reset – to do this, remove a battery, then press and hold the square (ON/OFF) button until the removed battery is reinserted.

2. Send to the manufacturer

LED flashes red (after inserting new batterie

Batteries not inserted correctly / jammed

Check fit of batteries, check polarity as a precaution

Dosing is not possible with the dispenser

1.Use bottle empty

2. Pump hose kinked
(e.g. under the pump head)

3. Pump hose sticks to the bottle wall (with an almost empty bottle)

4. Wrong (highly viscous) medium

1. Insert a new bottle

2. Check the hose and remove any kinks.

3. Check and center hose in service bottle, replace bottle if necessary

4. Check medium for suitability before use

Dispenser doses too small amount

1. More liquid medium used

2. Set to dosing level 1 = approx. 1.6 ml

1. Set to higher dosing level

2. Set to dosing level 2 = approx. 3.2 ml

Pump runs stiffly

1. Pump in use longer than 6 months

2. Use more liquid medium

1. Replace the pump (every 3-4 months if possible).

2. Check medium for suitability

The sensor does not work although the hand is held under the sensor

1. hand held too low

2. release distance adjusted

3. sensor/electronics defective


1. Bring your hand closer to the sensor

2. Recalibrate sensor, see chapter 10.

3. Send to the manufacturer

The supply bottle “wobbles” or falls out when the dispenser is opened

The bottle stopper is not fixed (only for the 1,000 ml dispenser) additionally: the variable stopper (in the sensor support plate) for the bottleneck is not centered

Press the bottle stopper upwards (against the bottom of the bottle) until it is firmly seated. (For the 1,000 ml dispenser): Center the stopper exactly over the neck of the service bottle.

Dispenser does not close completely

1. The key is still in the dispenser

2. The hose is jammed

1. Remove key

2. Lay hose cleanly

3. Close front cover.

Special fixes for SD4010 for Bottle Problems


Because the disinfectant manufacturers have modified the safety closures on the Euro bottles in some cases, the neck of the bottle has become longer, resulting in a higher bottle. Therefore, the following measures may be necessary:


1. Remove the white rubber ring from the bottle neck guide and push it in.

2. Remove the bottle fixation at the bottom of the dispenser

3. For Bode “Sterilium” bottles, the viewing window may need to be removed


App support


For better after-sales support, we provide you with a digital visualization of the two EURANEG dispenser models (manual and automatic/touchless) in the form of an IOS or Android app “VUframe”:


This enables the following:


-360-degree display (turning with fingers) of the two dispensers in the two basic color versions white and gray/white

-Configure colored drip trays or levers and logo printing 360 degrees exploded view of both dispenser models

-Augmented reality representation of the dispenser in the customer’s real environment either as a stand-alone unit or wall-mounted


Please follow these steps to use the app:


1. Download the VUFRAME app from the Apple or Android AppStore.

2. Load the two sets of data for the different donors into the app using the two links below. It is best to open the links directly on your smartphone.


Share-Link SmartVu™


SD4005 Automatic Dispenser:

SD2005 Arm Lever Dispenser:


Test our dispensers as 3D models ->