Tampon and pad dispenser “Tamponella” SP2000

Slim tampon and sanitary pad dispenser Tamponella for the orderly and free dispensing of period products made of polished stainless steel


Access to free menstrual products

Our Tamponella tampon and pad dispenser provides free and hygienic access to period products in public spaces. The structured arrangement of tampons and pads makes the dispenser much slimmer and allows individual products to be dispensed in an orderly fashion, unlike comparable dispensers. The shell-shaped body, which can be attached to a wall mounting plate that is standard for dispensers, is made of robust, polished stainless steel and is therefore vandal-proof. The lid of the dispenser is beveled and the housing is easy to clean.
The interior allows two options for filling. The Tamponella can either be quickly equipped with pre-filled cartridges or filled by hand using special inserts. The cartridge system not only enables quick and easy maintenance in public areas, but also facilitates batch traceability for maximum product safety.
The system with two guide rails for the pads also enables filling with two different product sizes.


What is special about the Tamponella?
– Large filling volume for xx tampons and xx pads
– Available for practical cartridge system or as an open system with inserts
– Batch traceability in the cartridge system
– Uncomplicated filling through cartridge exchange
– Dispensing of individual products makes misuse by users more difficult
– Simple attachment to wall mounting plate
– Angled lid -> no drinks/garbage can be placed on the dispenser
– Lockable with keyed alike lock
– Can be filled with two different tampon sizes


– Available as a cartridge system or as an open system, dispenser can be retrofitted
– Available in polished stainless steel with anti-fingerprint coating or powder-coated in black or white
– Also available in custom RAL colors from a purchase quantity of 25 pieces
– Branding with your logo possible on request from 100 pieces