F.O.T.T. drinking cup


Drinking cup to support drinking with dysphagia (swallowing disorders).



“F.O.T.T. drinking cup 0.20l – The original”

Note: The handles are not included! The universal drinking cup holder with two large handles is available to match the cup.
The F.O.T.T. drinking cup (Facio-Oral-Tract-Therapy) was developed by the English therapist and speech therapist Kay Coombes to support drinking in cases of dysphagia (swallowing disorders).
The wide rim of the F.O.T.T. cup offers those affected a good contact surface on the lower lip. The swallowing reflex is prepared by touching the cup. The small holes in the lid ensure a measured supply of food into the mouth. Moistening the oral cavity and touching the palatal arches with the liquid triggers the swallowing reflex. Small amounts can be swallowed more easily.
The large diameter of the rim of the F.O.T.T. drinking cup makes it possible to drink with a straight head position. The soft palate and the laryngeal lid close off the airways best in this upright position and thus support safe drinking.
The Original F.O.T.T. cup is characterized by the particularly secure and firm hold of the drinking attachment. The cup has a stable shape and fits perfectly into the universal cup holder.

The advantages of the F.O.T.T. drinking cup:
– Supports independent and safe drinking
– Wide drinking rim
– Metered liquid supply through small lid opening
– With scaling
– Removable lid
Material: PP polypropylene (steam sterilizable at 120°C, dishwasher-safe)
Capacity: approx. 200 ml, scaling 50 ml

Dimensions: total height approx. 12 cm, cup diameter at the bottom 5.5 cm, cup diameter at the top 7 cm
Weight: 47 g
Price incl. VAT 7,82Є