Hand Hygiene: Why is it important?

Hand Hygiene: Why is it important?
Juli 11, 2022
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Why is hand hygiene important?

Hand hygiene is more important than ever! The last year and a half of the pandemic in particular have taken a toll on our societies, social institutions, and every one of us.
Covid19 infection presents unprecedented challenges to our health and way of life.
Along with FFP2 masks, mandatory testing, and, last but not least, vaccinations, hand hygiene is one of the most effective weapons against the spread of germs and, in particular, corona infection. That is why the small spray dose of the disinfectant dispenser when entering any room protects us, our colleagues, friends, and relatives.
We can transfer viruses and bacteria to our skin via everything we touch with our hands – but also via surfaces!
While aerosol transmission and droplet infection pose an immediate threat, as the chart shows, we can be infected with SARS-COV-2 on objects and surfaces for days if we are personally careless.


With the Euraneg Touchless Dispenser, hygiene measures begin as soon as you enter a meeting place, hospital, doctor’s office, or store. Its adjustable dispensing rate delivers precise disinfectant. In this way, the SD4000 Touchless Series prevents the entry of germs into a supermarket, for example, and its use simultaneously protects customers as they walk out.
Retail chains such as REWE, Edeka, MediaMarkt, Aldi, Lidl, Decathlon, and also restaurants are already aware of this responsibility towards their customers and protect them with disinfectant dispensers at all entrances and exits.
In the sanitary area, soap, foam, and lotion arm dispensers are used in addition to the alcohol-based solutions. They complement the Euraneg 360° protection. Depending on need and application, they provide additional safety and care.
Most people, 69 percent, wash their hands when they get home (YouGov/Statista). That this happens under pandemic conditions not only when entering one’s own four walls, it almost inevitably comes to an overuse of one’s skin.
That is why both the “Deutsche Dermatologische Gesellschaft (DDP)” (German Dermatological Society) and the ECARF (European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation / The European Anti-Allergy Alliance) recommend the regular use of hand-care lotions to protect the skin from drying out and allergies.
In the future, we will continue to do so, not only because of Covid19. Therefore, we hope to have a lively exchange of ideas with you on the subject of hygiene.